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The New Era of Investor Portals

Investor Relationship Management

When communicating with investors, you need to deliver accurate, detailed, current data, and you need to deliver it in a secure fashion. Investor portals are becoming the preferred means of receiving and interacting with this data for many investors, and as LPs demand more—GPs have to raise their game to stay ahead.

eFront Investment Café addresses the most urgent challenges in Investor Relationship Management today:

  • Brand promotion. Present a single face to your investors, reinforcing your brand, style and image.
  • Improved communication flow. Organize internal constituents and their activities—structure the information intended for investors in a logical manner.
  • Maintain accuracy while streamlining your processes. A proven system that embodies the workflows you require, and has fool-proof tools in place to ensure mistakes never reach investors.
  • Manage the peaks and troughs. When your staff is stretched, or there is an important deadline looming, our document services team is on call to help—we can serve as a back office extension and will process documents or perform data management tasks.

Complete Investor Relationship Management
eFront Investment Café is uniquely positioned to generate actionable business intelligence from your Investor Relationship Management activity.

eFront Investment Café works superbly as a standalone tool or can be integrated with other eFront products for General Partners, such as FrontInvest or FrontGP, for even greater impact and efficiency. At eFront, we empower GPs to define, develop and fine-tune an infrastructure that is exactly right for them.

Improve the Quality of Your Communications

One System, Fully Integrated
eFront Investment Café is a comprehensive solution containing contact management, fully-branded investor portal, document management, email, fundraising and more.

Checks and Balances
The platform offers advanced “proofing” methods, ensuring accuracy without disrupting workflow.

Split and Load Documents in Real Time
eFront Investment Café includes advanced document splitting and loading tools, that can read, split, rename and assign documents to the appropriate investor accounts. Freed from these labor-intensive tasks, your team can focus on providing more strategic value to your investors and your organization.

Easy to Use for Investors and Administrators

Send Capital Call and Distribution Notices via Fax, Email, and Mail
eFront Investment Café can help lower your administrative burden, while increasing levels of service to your investors, regardless of how they prefer to receive notices and statements. eFront Investment Café makes it easy to communicate the right information, in the right form, to your investors—wherever they may be.

We impose no physical or financial constraints on storage, bandwidth or number of users. There is never a need to perform cost/benefit analysis when considering offering additional information to investors, or adding more logins. As a result, many of our GPs feature compelling extras, such as an architect detailing the design of a development opportunity, or recordings of investor conference calls and post them where only authorized parties can gain access. This approach also means there’s no need to juggle accounts for occasional portal users—with no incremental cost, you gain freedom from this type of administrative burden.

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